Icy Documentation



After you’ve downloaded theme zip file:

  • Go to your WordPress admin panel,
  • Appearance → Themes  Install Themes  Upload,
  • Select the theme file from your computer and click “Install Now”.



This feature is only available in PRO version.

To Enable The Slider

Go to “Appearance → Theme Options → Slider” and in the section “Display The Slider On” check places where you want the slider to show up.

Source Of Posts

Slider can display most recent posts or posts from a specific category. To change that go to section “Source Of Posts” in the slider options.


Portfolio Template

This feature is only available in PRO version.

 To Set Up The Portfolio

  • Create a new category in “Posts → Categories”,
  • Go to “Appearance → Theme Options  → Portfolio” and in the “Portfolio Category” section select the category you’ve created,
  • Create a new page and from “Page Attributes → Template” choose Portfolio.

Adding Portfolio Item

  • Add a new regular post and add it to the category you’ve created earlier,
  • Single portfolio post will be clean with full width layout.


Grid Template

This feature is only available in PRO version.

To enable Grid template, create a new page and from “Page Attributes → Template” choose Grid.
If you want to show this template on the front page, go to “Settings → Reading”, change “Front page displays” to “A static page” and select the page you created earlier.



Post Info (Above Title)

post_author – Returns the author name.

post_date – Returns the date of a post.

post_edit – Returns edit post link, only when logged in as admin.

post_comments – Returns number of comments, only when comments enabled.

Post Meta (Below Post)

post_tags – Returns tags.

post_categories – Returns categories.


footer_copyright – Returns copyright info in the format: Blog Name © Year.

footer_wordpress_link – Returns link to wordpress.org.

footer_wildweblab_link – Returns link to wildweblab.com.


Don’t work on footer shordcodes.

Adding content before the shortcode.

[shortode_name before=”content”]

Adding content after the shortcode.

[shortode_name after=”content”]